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Council 216 History & Mission

The National Council of EEOC Locals, No. 216, AFGE/AFL-CIO ("The Council"), consisting of its allfiliate Locals, is the exclusive represenative of all professional and nonprofessional general schedule employees at the EEOC. This includes, investigators, attorneys, paralegals, mediators, administrative judges, and support staff.

The Council was founded in 1976. The Council received its charter from the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) in 1976. The Council was chartered as a Bargaining Council. The Council took seriously its charter by taking the lead and without assistance from AFGE, negotiating the initial contract. There have been numerous other firsts, such as developing and submitting to Congress an agency budget, securing contractual provisions dealing with the compressed work schedules which we enjoy, as well as successfully challenging and then developing with management a performance management system for the employees.

As in 1976, the Council continues to be comprised of eight locals. Notwithstanding our lengthy history and the numerous battles fought over the years, today, we face many of the same issues - training for employees, lobbying Congress, improving the work conditions for employees, etc.

Today, as in 1976, the Council is in need of members and their talents. After all, in many ways, our members are the Council. How have you contributed to the Union? Have you joined a committee, volunteered time for a union project, attended a meeting to provide ideas, helped develop a strategy or plan for responding to a management initiative, helped develop a union initiative? Have you attended a meeting to vote for officers or Council Delegates? These are only a few of the many tasks which our members can and do perform to make their union stronger and more effective. How will you help to make a difference?

This page and the links provided, represents what the Council can and will do for you. However, that is only part of the picture.